Client scenarios for logging into estos UCServer Web Services

So that clients can log into a UCServer system using UCServer Web Services, the UCServer Web Services URL must be specified in addition to the user name and password. If several UCServer systems can be accessed through one UCServer Web Services system, the UCServer server name must be contained in the login information.

The client application will provide you with three fields for this:

  • Server name: The URL through which estos UCServer Web Servicess can be accessed, such as:
  • User name: The user name for UCServer authentication
  • Password: The password for UCServer authentication

The combination of user name and password will depend on the user login type configured on the UCServer system. The respective user name will correspond to the content of the User Name field in the UCServer user management. If you have configured more than one estos UCServer system, you will also have to specify its server name during login as needed.

UCServer uses the Active Directory® Server user management system UCServer uses the local user management system
UCServer (configured as the Default)
or the only UCServer in use
Login: muster.mann@company.local Login: muster.mann
UCServer (not configured as the default) Login: ucservername\muster.mann@company.local Login: ucservername\muster.mann

Simplified provision for estos ProCall desktop users

You can permit all necessary information to be displayed directly on the estos ProCall desktop to make setting up mobile devices easier for your users. The information will be provided both as plain text as well as in the form of a QR codes, which can be scanned directly using the app). To do this, create a user-defined tab on the estos UCServer Administrator dialog:
Configuration - User Management - Profile (choose the profile) - Custom Tabs
Enter the following information:

Field Content
Title Cell phone
URL <UCServer Web Services's public address>/Addons/Startup/
Disabling Internet Explorer® security zones Yes (check)

Version 5.1