Enter the estos UCServer that should be accessible through UCServer Web Services. If you are using several UCServer systems, one will have to be set as the default server. This default UCServer will always be used if a UCServer is not specified for Login.

You can add additional servers to the list of UCServer systems by clicking Add.
The following information will be request for this.

  • UCServer:
    Enter the DNS name or the IP address for the server to be added.
  • Port:
    Enter the port through which the server should be accessible to ProCall clients. The default is 7222.
  • Domains:
    Enter the presence domain for which the server to add will be responsible. This can be done automatically by clicking the Determine Domain button.
  • Use this server as the default server
    If a UCServer system was not specified during Login, this UCServer will be contacted. As long as only one UCServer has been configured, this option will remain permanently enabled.

Version 5.1