IIS Configuration

How UCServer Web Services should be accessed can be configured from here. These settings will lead to the creation of a UCServer Web Services entry in Internet Information Server (IIS).

DNS Name & IP Address
Enter the DNS name here, through which UCServer Web Services will be accessible from outside the network (without a prefixed protocol header, such as http/https). Example: services.company.com If you use the UCServer Web Services only internally, for example, within a Virtual Private Networks (VPN), use the internal name of the target computer. If you want to set up an encrypted connection, the DNS specified here must match code name with the name of the certificate. Specifying an IP address is not useful in conjunction with the desired encryption.

Virtual Directory
UCServer Web Services will be provided by Internet Information Server (IIS) using a virtual directory. A virtual directory will be attached to the URL, which must be entered in the client for connection with UCServer Web Services (For example: https://services.company.com/ws/ where: ws corresponds to the virtual directory). UCServer Web Services can be provided in your domain's root directory (such as: https://services.company.net/), however requires corresponding knowledge.

Type of Connection
Defines if UCServer Web Services should be accessed using a secure, encrypted connection (https:) or using an unencrypted connection (http:). You will need a server certificate for an encrypted connection. Details about the requirements regarding the certificate that will apply, where you can get the certificate and how you must store the certificate in the system will be described in the Server Certificate section.
You can manually change the port for http & https connections. We recommend working with the default settings.

Server Address for Clients
Shows the URL that must be used for accessing UCServer Web Services.

Depending on the web sites and applications already installed in IIS, accepting the settings (Application Installation in IIS) take several minutes.
We highly recommend using a secured connection. Especially when you permit users access to company contact information through UCServer Web Services, the connection should be setup exclusively in encrypted mode.

Version 5.1