Welcome to estos STUN/TURN Server

Direct audio/video communication has become an important component of modern collaboration.

To be able to implement this efficiently, while keeping internal networks secure, framework conditions that would appear to make direct communication difficult to establish outside of network boundaries at first glance must be maintained.

A NAT router, which often makes in difficult or impossible for an external computer to contact with an internal client without a request, is often used in private IP4 networks to increase security.

Unfortunately, this also blocks the connections necessary for efficient audio/video communications.

In order to produce these desired compounds, these techniques include STUN and TURN, which are implemented in the estos STUN/TURN Server.

estos STUN/TURN Server consists of the following components:

  • The estos STUN/TURN Server

  • The Installation- und Configurationprogram

  • The Online Help

The configuration program and online help is always available via the Start Menu.

Chapter Overview

Terms and scenarios for use involving STUN and TURN will be described in the Functionality section.

The sectionrequirements describes the system requirements that are necessary for the installation and operation of the service.

The chapter Installation and Configuration specifies the recommended installation procedure and configuration options.

The chapter information describes about the estos STUN/TURN Server how to obtain support for technical questions and concerns.

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