Advanced Configuration- Headline and Logo

By default, a so-called fax header should be printed on every fax to be sent.

The fax header should contain data / time as well as the sender as text and the fax sender ID:




The fax header consists of information from the LANCAPI and ixi-UMS software.

Name and sender number are passed on to the CAPI-interface (e.g. ISDN-board) by the ixi-UMS Business. Date and time are inserted by it.


When deploying a bintec elmeg pe.IP plus you can determine, whether and which of the information shall appear in the header generally.


Please proceed as in the following:


1.Open the web-interface of the Funkwerk Router and log on.

2.Change the view from Standard to SNMP-Browser

3.Open the tab capi in the menu bar on the left side

4.Open the sub item capiConfigTable in the tab capi




5.Scroll to the right and click Editier-Symbol- Symbol in order to change the settings for the wanted port.


6.Adjust your wanted capiConfigFaxG3Header:







You can select:









The header as well as the Funkwerk / Bianca fax logo are displayed




No_Logo (Recommended)

The bintec elmeg / Bianca is switched off. The header consisting of date / time from the router and the sender information from the ixi-UMS Kernel are displayed.





If no sender information are deposited at the ixi-UMS Kernel or delivered by the sender, only date and time are displayed in the header:



Neither date / time, nor any other information are printed with the sending.



7.Confirm the configuration with OK.

8.Save the configuration so that it is available when the router has to be restarted.


Version SR3