ixi-UMS Business Overview

ixi-UMS Business is a powerful unified messaging software, that provides services such as Fax, Voice, SMS and mobile access.

The ixi-UMS Business Services can be combined with each other flexibly. That way, ixi-UMS Business can be applied as pure fax server, for example, or as a complete unified messsaging system with Fax, Voice and SMS.

As it is based on standards, ixi-UMS Business can basically be operated with all the common PBX's (conventional or IP-based).



A professional, server-based Unified Messaging system exists of several components: A phone binding (PBX), the interface between computer and phone system, a connection with the mail server (Connector) and the mail server. If the system is not connected to a mailserver, the UMS messages are stored in a local database (optional)



The PBX establishes the connection to the telephone network. For the application of ixi-UMS Business any PBX can be used. For ixi-UMS Business, a point-to-point or a point-to-multipoint connecton and also a VoIP conection can be used.




A CAPI that provided by an Remote-LAN Capi from elmeg bintec Router or VoIP Connectting module (XCAPI) is needed as interface. The Capi is a kind of "translator" between Computer applcation and Remte-Capi/VoIP-Modul.


ixi-UMS Business processes the incomming and outgoing ixi-UMS messages to get the necessary or desired format.


The SMTP Connector of ixi-UMS Business provide the connection between  ixi-UMS Business Server and the mail server used. Also it connects the used LDAP database





The task of the mailserver is to distribute the incomming ixi-UMS messages re pass the outgoint messages to the  ixi-UMS Business Connector


Before outgoing messages can be sent by the ixi-UMS Business , they have to be "converted" in a respective format. This process is called "rendering". There are two ways of rendering with ixi-UMS Business:

§server-based rendering

§client-based rendering


Server-based rendering

With server-based rendering, all the file attachments are processed at a central point on the ixi-UMS Business Server. For this, the application that shall be sent as fax has to be installed on the respective machine.

If a Word-file is attached to the fax, for example, it is passed on to the ixi-UMS Business Server by the mail server, e.g. Microsoft Exchange Server,.


ixi-UMS Business "opens" the Word-document and prints it via a particular printer. Therewith, a file is created that contains a graphical image as well as information, e.g. the sender number.



Client-rendering means the creation of a fax at the user workstation. For this, "ixi-UMS Business Client Tools" are needed that provide an own printer, amongst others. Via this printer, a fax-capable file can be created out of any application installed.


With this type of rendering, the application is not needed on the server.


Version SR3