The ixi-UMS Business receives and sends faxes. The faxes are sent to the mail server as PDF-file.


·Sending fax messages

For the user, sending fax messages works like sending e-mails. The only difference is that a different addressing scheme has to be used.

The sending user gets a sending report for every message indicating success or failure (among other information). Like in e-mail messages, the user can specify priorities to influence the order in which messages are sent. Messages will be rendered into the fax format. Attachments will be rendered using a fax printer driver and the corresponding application.


·Inbound routing of fax messages

Fax addresses are assigned to users in the messaging system


·Printing incoming fax messages

In addition inbound ixi-UMS fax-messages (for a predefined fax number range) can be printed on a network printer.


Version SR3