Entering the Telephone Number at a Contact

You can address faxes and short messages (SMS) directly out of an Outlook-Contact.

Precondition: The call numbers must have been entered in a valid format.




Please take care with phone numbers, fax numbers and mobile phone numbers that they are saved in an international format:


e.g. +49 8142 47990 not +49 (08142) 47990




Special characters (e.g.: „/", „(„, „)", „-„, „\") should not appear in a telephone number!


Older versions of MS Outlook in some cases offer to bracket or to add 0 to the extension.





Remove the checkmark at "Dialog" with incomplete phone numbers..." and click on "Cancel".

All the call numbers now are saved exactly the way you enter them and are not formatted by Outlook any more.





Version SR3