After creating the trces, the "Analyze" button is active. The evaluation of the SIP / H.323 communication or the



CAPI messages should be carried out by every telecommunication technician.




To open the trace, click on "Analyze" or open the trace by double-clicking on the created file.

In this case, you must first link the file "with the tool" xtraceanalyzer.exe "in the installation directory of the XCAPI.



Apart from the extensive menu, the view is divided into 3 areas:


Top left:

List of recorded calls / events. Select the desired call to display the detailed information in the further windows.

Bottom left:

Depending on the selection of the tab, the SIP / H.323 packages or the CAPI messages can be seen. Open the individual entries to get more information about each section.

The evaluation on TAB1 is only relevant for SIP


Some important parameters for the SIP / H.323 communication resp. Detailed presentation of the CAPI news





·When "Softfax" is used, you can listen / save the transferred voice data.

·If red values are displayed in the right area under "RTP-Sender" / "RTP-Receiver", the files are delayed or not transmitted at all. In this case, check the network and settings for the VMWare. You will also get problems when clicking on the red! Is displayed.

·You will receive information on the SIP messages, e.g. In RFC 3261


Version 6