1.Ein „bintec elmeg“ with integrated DSP

In all RT-Produkts the DSP ist integrated ist. In the older R-Version the DSP can be build-in seperat.




The newest firmware should be installed.


Check the Router:

Open the Configuration and navigate to  „System Management – Status“ . In section "Moduls" you can see the installed DSP modules. If this information not present you can't use this device with ixi-UMS


2. Outside Line

The PBX must be connected to an ISDN-Connection. Either directly to a NTBA/PRIMARY-MULTIPLEX or to a PBX

The connection qualities must be known! (See ixi-UMS_TK-Konfigblatt. pdf)

Example: Investment connection (PP), Mehrgeräteanschluss (PM), protocol: DSS1 or Q-SIG (only by using Siemens/Unify PBX)


Version 6