SSL Support

ixi-UMS Business offers to the users the possibility to call away information and/or settings about a web page or to work on. These web sites are made available normally by HTTP on port in 8890. Thise sites can publish, in addition, by HTTPS.


To do this, the Apache HTTP Server installed with ixi-UMS Business must be set up and an SSL certificate must be stored.


Starten Sie die "ixiHttpsConfig.exe" im Verzeichnis ....\ixi-UMS Business\ixi-Framework\Tools\HttpsConfig




If HTTPS is enabled, the setup is checked whether the given port (for all local IPAddressed) is available.



The Apache HTTP Server uses all IP addresses registered to the computer.



If the given port on all or one the IP addresses is already booked, a suitable warning is given.


In this case, it is urgently recommended to bind the Apache HTTP Server (of ixi-Framework) on another port or on a free IP address.



To use HTTPS a SSL certificate is necessary.

You can

·create from the setup a selfsigned SSL certificate,

·import an available SSL certificate

·or (with an update) already in the Apache servers available certificate take over.


On the internal network a selfsigned certificate is sufficient to use the websites from ixi-UMS Business.


Version 6