Call Number Transfer in E.164-Format

The ixi-UMS Business Server can be activated for the procession of call numbers in the international format E.164 (according to ITU-T E.164). In this case, neither information of the ToN are analyzed by the ixi-UMS Business Server, nor rules for the canonization are executed.

The call numbers must be transferred in the format <country code><area code><call number> 

(e.g. 4981424799585).


With outbound calls, for the CallingNumTypePlan" and the "CalledNumTypePlan" are passed on to the ixi-UMS Business Server: E.164/international


In the configuration, the following differentiations can be made:




E.164 only inbound

With inbound calls, all the call numbers are signaled to ixi-UMS Business in E.164-format:

Recipient number (Called Party Number)

Sender number (Calling Party Number)

Redirection Number


E.164 only outbound

With outbound calls, ixi-UMS Business passes on the number to the CAPI in E.164 format:

Recipient number (Called Party Number)

Sender number (Calling Party Number)

Inbound and outbound

All the call numbers are transmitted in E.164-format, as described above.


Version 6