Routing of UMS Messages to ixi-UMS Business

In the ixi-UMS Business Configuration - Mailsystem you have defined the domains  for sending ixi-UMS messages.

In order to add ixi-UMS Business domains, please proceed as in the following:


1.Open the IBM  Domino Administrator.

2.Switch to the IBM  Domino Server, which shall route the ixi-UMSmessages.

3.Go to Configuration - Messages - Domains




4.Now klick "Add Domain" and add a Foreign SMTP Domain.

5.As "Internet Domain "you give the addressing for the fax sending. e.g. * or *company.fax)

6.As "Internet-Host" enter the IP-address of the ixi-UMS Business Server




7.Proceed the same way with the domains for the services

·Voice (e.g. or

·SMS (e.g.

·ALERT (e.g.



The taking over of the routing may take some time. In order to accelerate the process, it may be helpful to restart the Router Task and SMTP Task.


8."Restart" the IBM  Domino Router Task.

9."Restart" the IBM  Domino SMTP Task.


Version 6