Rendering of Office Documents

"Office Documents" usually mean word processing files, table calculations and presentation files.

The most common formats are:


Word Processing

Table Calculation

File Endings


File Endings


.docx, .doc, .rtf

Microsoft Office

.xlsx, .xlsm; .xls

Microsoft Office

.odt .sxw





When e-mails with an attached Office-document shall be sent as fax, this attachment must be "rendered" into a fax-capable format.

In order to be able to render attachments, the respective application must be installed on the ixi-UMS Business machine,.


Tested by estos GmbH for the rendering of "Office-documents":


Microsoft Office from version Office 2000 on from version 3.0 on

LibreOffice from version 3.5.5 on


The Office-package should always be installed "User-Defined - Complete".

After the installation, the applications must be opened with the ixi-UMS Business installation account. All messages and notes must be terminated in such a way that they no longer appear when they are reopened.


Automatic updates should be disabled.


Please bear in mind, that a loss in formatting may occur when for the rendering, another rendering software is used at the server than at the clients.


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