Remote Access by ODBC

The query by ODBC can be configured on any Windows operating system.

Whether the 32bit or 64bit ODBC-driver is required depends on the bit-version of the application, with which the connection shall be accessed.

In order to access the ixi-UMS Business journal database from another machine by ODBC, the following procedure is required:



If IBQuery shall be executed at a client, this means not at the ixi-UMS Business Server, please copy the entire folder "DB-Query" from the directory ...\IXI-Framework\Tools to the client. All the required data are contained in it.


·Copy the entire folder "Odbc32" or "Odbc64" from the directory ...\IXI-Framework\Firebird2\ to the machine, on which you want to start the query.

·open a CMD with admin rights

·Register the "OdbcFb.dll" with regsvr32.

·Create a System-DSN at "System Control - Administration - Data Sources" and select "Firebird/Interbase(r) Driver".



At "Database", please enter the IP-address of the ixi-UMS Business Server, then a colon and the LOCAL path to the data base (at the ixi-UMS Business Server).


At "Client", please browse to the folder "Odbcxx" and select the file "fbclient.dll".


Enter the following connection data:

Database Account: The user name is "sysdba".

Password: With the installation of theixi-UMS Business, the password "IXI-UMS" is assigned by default.


Now you can access the journal database of the ixi-UMS Business from this machine.


Version 6