MWI - Signaling

Basically, the MWI-service (address type "Alert") is used for the signaling of new messages by indication of a signal at the user's telephone. This is normally the light up of a signal lamp or the indication of a message at the telephone display.


Tthe following protocol properties are required, depending on the protocol:


·DSS1 - MWI, ETSI ETS 300 650

·QSIG - mWIActivate and mWIDeactice, ECMA-242

·VoIP/SIP - Message Waiting Indication, RFC 3842

·VoIP/H.323 - H.450.7 "Message Waiting Indication supplementary service"


In detail, the feature is dependent on which PBX is used.





In ixi-UMS Business no configurations required. The PBX-specific settings must be made in the VoIPconnect / XCAPI an the PBX.


In the XCAPI, the type of signaling under "Supplementary Services" can be selected and set.


You can find information on setting up telephone systems connected via VoIP on the estos website for "Unified Messaging with ixi-UMS Business".



or ask ixi-UMS Support.



ISDN - Qsig und DSS1

Depending on the telephone system and its configuration, code numbers and/or prefixes must be defined, a user created.

These configurations must be stored in a configuration file in ixi-UMS Business.

Because the configuration depends very much on the required values, please contact ixi-UMS support for setup.


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