All the sent and received ixi-UMS messages are logged in the journal.



The journal opens in a new window in your web browser.


You must log on with the user data set in the ixi-UMS Business Web Configuration.


Please note:

ixi-UMS Business regularly performs a backup of the journal database. The journal database will be moved files older than 30 days to a backup directory every first month.


By clicking the column headings, you can sort the entries ascending / descending.




You can also specify a time range, or search for a subject or a remote.

You can use "Details" to open the information on the individual ixi-UMS messages.



If the option Archive associated files activated in ixi-UMS Business Server, you can open, print and save all SMS and fax messages include reports. Also you can save and listen voice messages.



All incomming messages are transmitted in the bound Mail system.



Internet Explorer 10 or higher,

Mozilla Firefox 39 or higher Firefox 39


Version 6