The functions of ixi-UMS Business are divided into individual services. All services must be started for the complete function, including the local user administration. You can stop and start services for test purposes and troubleshooting.





Functional overview

Apache 2.4 (ixi-UMS Webserver)

Web server for the web-based surfaces

Provides the scripts for the voice mailbox

ixi-UMS Business Server Service

Connection to the Capi / telephone system

Send and receive the messages

ixi-UMS Business Rendering

Processing incoming and outgoing messages

ixi-UMS Business SMTP Router

Send and receive the UMS messages to / from mailserver via SMTP

ixi-Framework SMTP Router

Sending the welcome mail and messages answered / forwarded via the telephone.

OpenLDAP® 2.4 (ixi-UMS user database)

local user database

Firebird Server (ixi-UMS Journal database)

Journal database


Version 6