Configuration and Administration

After completing the basic configuration for the "basic settings", the ixi-UMS Business configuration is opened.





After logging on, you will be given the menu and, if necessary, a hint that one or more services are not running.




On the "Configuration", you can make all required and optional settings for ixi-UMS Business on the "Fax and SMS", "Voice-Mailbox" and "Advanced Settings" tabs.


On the "User Management" page, you can create or manage the users, and the Journal and monitoring options are offered in the "Monitoring" section.

Auf der Seite "Einstellungen" können Sie auf den Tabs "Fax und SMS", "Voice-Mailbox" und "Erweitert" alle erforderlichen und optionalen Einstellungen für ixi-UMS Business


The ixi-UMS Business configuration can be started at any time via the Start menu or by entering the URL.

Http: // <IP address of the ixi-UMS Business Server>: 8890/ixiUMSWebConfig/



Version 6