Create a license offline

The ixi-UMS license is hardware-based and must be created and activated online. If your computer does not have a connection to the Internet, you can create the license on another computer or via the smartphone.



Open the license management and enter your product key.



Proceed as described in "Basic Configuration" - "License".


Click on the "Show Details" link to view directly the options for offline licensing, or click "Link license online" to try online licensing.




You can now scan the QR code and go directly to the web page for licensing




open the link "" in the local web-browser and copy it into a web-browser on another computer.


If you selected "Show details" or could not establish a connection to the license server, you will see the selection below.






In this case, automatically download a license file after a short time.

The link or CR code generated by the license tool contains all necessary information for generating the license.


If you purchased a ixi-UMS Business without XCAPI (ixi-UMS Business TDM), you will be issued with a license code, which can be entered into the license tool. See the left.


If you purchased ixi-UMS Business without XCAPI (ixi-UMS Business SIP), NO license code will be issued.





Copy this ".join" file to the ixi-UMS Business server.


Restart the license tool, or close all windows until you see the start screen again.


Click "Add - Add License File" and select the "join file".



Version 6