Testing XCAPI

In order to check the functionality of the connection, the "XCAPI Test Tool" is started.



You can restart it at any time from the Start menu.


Check the general function by means of an outgoing and an incoming voice call.


1. Select "Voice call"


2. Enter your mobile number as a "destination number".

Please note any necessary public line access


3. Start the call.


The call must be signaled on the mobile phone.

Answer the call on the mobile phone.




After you have accepted the call on your mobile phone, start the "Play inbuild announcement" function in the XCAPI test tool.


You must listen to the test announcement on the mobile phone.

Repeat the test with an internal phone.


If both tests are successful, call from your phone and then from the internal phone to a dial-in number defined for ixi-UMS Business.


Answer the call in the test tool and play the announcement.


Only when all tests are successful, click "Send Fax" in the test tool and send a fax to an external remote that is known to you.


Please note:

In the left part you can see how the numbers are transferred to allow to remove a leading 0 by ixi-UMS Business if necessary in the basic configuration -Phone number format.

If one of the tests is unsuccessful, ixi-UMS Business can not be successfully activated. However, the configuration  should continue to the end.


In the case of a problem, please read the "Additional Information - Testing XCAPI and Tracing" after completing the ixi-UMS Business installation in the manual.

To determine the data required for a "common voice mailbox number", please refer to "Additional Information - Route by Redirection"


Version 6