So that the ixi-UMS Business Server can determine the aim phone numbers properly and transmit, must be fixed which format the bound phone arrangement / gateway expected and transmitted. You can use the XCAPI-Test Tool or CAPI-Test Tool to determine the actual numbers transmitted.



Normally the recipient numbers are signalled as a DDI and are suspended to the location information.

Choose in the E. 164 if the phone numbers are transferred in the format 4981424799585 to ixi-UMS Business .


Read moreover also the article "Call Number Transfer in E.164-Format" under additional information" in ixi-UMS Business Manual.


Remove outside line acces at the sender's call number

Some telephone systems transmit to the ixi-UMS Business the sender number of the incoming call with the pre-defined public access line.

In order to allow users to answer to a fax or voice message, the sender must also have a correctly formatted number, e.g. +49 8142 4799666.





If the phone number begins in the outgoing ixi-UMS message with + (e.g +390254789) this is shortened default on grounds of the server site information. After this the "outside line access" is added.

In some countries, the area code has to be dialed also with local calls. In this case, it must activate "Dieal alway national access and area code".

Is to be followed with this setting, how the phone numbers in int. Format addressed / are shown:

e.g. Italien:

national = local shown: 02 64489945

national = local shown: +3902644899 -> the "National AccessCode" 0 is a component of the phone number

In the Server Site must be put down 02 as a "Area Code" and the "National Access Code" must be empty


Choose "Dial in the E. 164 format" if the phone numbers should become in the format 4981424799585 the PBX / gateway-transferred.

Read moreover also the article "Call Number Transfer in E.164-Format" under additional information in ixi-UMS Business Manual.


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