Global Announcement

By default, when a call is received, the default announcement is played back as long as the user has not made a separate announcement (see Overview - Features - Voice). You can discuss this standard announcement yourself.



Only one announcement can be deposited. If required, it must contain the announcement in different languages. A language differentiation is not supported.


The global announcement

·can be recorded via an "Admin-page" or

·can be deposited as wav-file directly in the file system in in:
..\ixi-UMS Business\ixi-UMS EnhVoc\USERS\GlobalAnc\announcementGlobal.wav .


The link for opening the admin page is shown under "Monitoring -" About "and can be sent to any email address, including the access data and instructions, by e-mail.



The language of the "Adminseite" is defined by the defined system language.




For recording the announcement via the Admin-page, the access data determined here as well as a valid (Fax) sender number for the ixi-UMS Business are required.



User name and Password are arbitrary and are not checked against an LDAP-directory.


Before you send the e-mail, you must save the settings Save!


Version 6