General Settings

The location settings allow the error-free telephone dialing at outgoing and the correct build form the recipient number for incoming UMS messages.

For more information, see "Additional Information - Location Settings - Site Settings - Creating the Call Numbers"


Side Address

Enter the connection number of the outside line in the form of:

Country code ( for germany 49)

Area code (without the leading 0. For Olching, this would be 8142.)

Subscriber number



National AccessCode

Code to be added to the called number in outgoing messages within the country.


International Access Code

Code to be added to the called number in outgoing messages leaving the country.


Outside Line Access

Code to be dialed for getting a call out of the PBX (added to the called number in outgoing messages).






max. interne Durchwahllänge

Determines, how many digits are considered as internal call number, this means that no outside line is needed and therefore is not dialed.

Here in the example: Fax numbers with more than 3 digits need an outside line (see screenshot).

Moreover, the sender identification (e.g. with the reception of internal calls /faxes) is changed into the international format if it the number has 5 digits or less.



Known exceptions: Italy - here, the leading 0 has to be entered

With the removal of the area code, the accompanying delimiter is also removed bydefault.


Version 6