Default Permission

If the voice-mailbox is activated, the answering machine is available on its ixi-UMS number by default.

The default authorization level is used to define the user rights assigned to a user by default on the first call. The access permission can be changed per user in the user administration.


Regardless of the access type selected here, the web page for the ixi-UMS Voice-mailbox configuration is available to all users. Users can set up and manage all 6 profiles, as well as record the announcements.

The link to ixi-UMS Voice mailbox configuration can be found in the "About" dialog under Monitoring.




·Only Voice-mailbox
The announcement recorded by the user at the ixi-UMS Business server is played, the message of the caller is recorded and sent to the user assigned to this voice-mailbox by e-mail.
The user can play the message via a double-click on the PC or forward it as e-mail to his telephone and listen to it there.


·Voice mailbox with configuration by phone
Like "only Voice-mailbox". In addition, the user can call his UMS number and log in using a PIN. He can set up the 6 profiles on the telephone and use all other profile settings (Except MWI switch and set office hours)


·Voice mailbox with configuration and remote inquiry by telephone
Like "Voicemailbox with configuration". In addition, an IMAP4 access is made to the user's mailbox when the user calls his UMS number. If new voice messages or e-mails are in the mailbox, they can:


·Call back the caller

·answer to the caller

·Delete the message

·send as an e-mail (internal) or as a voice message to a telephone.


Version 6