Global User Settings

Here you can specify which settings the users are allowed to make and change themselves on the ixi-UMS voice-mailbox.


Users can always manage their announcements and profiles via browser-basierten ixi-UMS Voice-Mailbox Configuration. Some additional features can be disabled for the <% XI-UMS%> voice mailbox.


Configure and enable call transfehr:

If this option is enabled, the user can optionally offer a caller to connect to another phone number or leave a message.

This option is available to the user in the browser-based ixi-UMS voice mailbox configuration and in the configuration via telephone.




Set own office hours.

In the ixi-UMS Business server are set as standard office hours: 8am - 5pm.

By activating the "Set own office hours", the user can enter individual working and break times via the browser-based ixi-UMS voice-mailbox configuration and specify a off-hours profile and break profile.


Set up notification via MWI on the office phone

If the user is allowed to set the notifications, users can activate/deaktivate this setting themselves via the browser-based ixi-UMS voice mailbox configuration.

Please note that the connection to the PBX must support this feature and ixi-UMS Business must be configured for this. If this is not the case, the corresponding hooks should be removed here.


Enter a phone number for recording the announcement

If the users want to record their announcements via the browser-based ixi-UMS voice mailbox configuration, the office / telephone number registered with the user is used by default.

If the option is activated, users can enter the phonenumber by which they wish to record the announcement.


Store IMAP access data

If users are able to access the messages by using the phone, they must store their logon data for the mailserver.

User administration in the Active Directory with Microsoft Exchange: Users must store their (Windows) password

User administration in ActiveDirectory without Microsoft ExchangePassword and ixi-UMS User Management:

Users must provide their login name and password for mail server access.


Version 6