Connection Type

These settings are only required if you are using a Bintec elmeg Remte-Capi (ISDN). In this case, you must specify which connection type is set up in the telephone system and the Bintec elmeg device.



The connection type must be the same for all controllers.




Point-to-Multipoint (PMP)

Please choose this setting if  ixi-UMS Business is connected to a point-to-multipoint access (of the PBX).


Point-to-Point (PP)

Please choose this setting if ixi-UMS Business is connected to a point-to-point )access of the PBX).



Internal Code

Please enter the main number here, provided that it is transferred by the PBX.


Number of Direct Dialing Digits

When a point-to-point access is selected here, the maximum number of extension digits MUST be stated here.

When 3-digit and 4-digit extensions are used, you have to enter 4 here.


Version 6