You must specify how the e-mail sender address should be composed for incoming ixi-UMS messages and to which e-mail address ixi-UMS messages should be sent if the recipient number can not be found in the LDAP database.



From the email domain, the sender's address can be defined by incoming ixi-UMS messages.

Normally, you will want to create an address like You can change this setting in "Selection of sender address format".


Defaut Recipient:

The Default Recipient receives all the ixi-UMS messages, which cannot be assigned to a certain user. Please use only existing e-mail addresses from your mail system.





Selection of sender address format:

With this template you can determine, how the e-mail sender address for incoming ixi-UMS messages shall be composed.


This should correspond to the address for outgoing ixi-UMS messages so that you can use the reply function on incoming ixi-UMS messages. Please also ensure that the information here is aligned with the routing of outgoing ixi-UMS messages and entered in the routing entry in the mailserver.


You find detailed information in the ixi-UMS Business manual under "Preparing Massaging System".


Version 6