Client Tools

In order to make use of additional features and therewith achieve even more comfort at the workstation, the so-called ixi-UMS Business Client Tools can be installed. It is also possible to operate mixed installations, this means one part of the users works with the installed ixi-UMS Business Client Tools, the other part without or with a subset of the features of the ixi-UMS Business Client Tools.


The following comfort features are available at the client with the ixi-UMS Business Client Tools:


§Sending faxes out of any application via printer driver

§Fax-macro for Microsoft Word

§Auto fax-macro for Microsoft Word (the fax number is read out from the document)

§Mail merge fax-macro for Microsoft Word

§Microsoft Outlook Add-Ins

§Collect faxes

§Drop point (Drag and Drop)



ixi-UMS Business Client Tools are included in the range of performance of ixi-UMS Business.



You can get further information about the feature and its operation in the ixi-UMS Business Client Tools Manual.



The ixi-UMS Business Client Tools are not a part of the ixi-UMS Business setup and must not be installed on the same machine.


Version 6