Configure ixi-UMS Webseiten

Depending on the installed IXI-UMS Software components the user can use some IXI-UMS Websites.




ixi-UMS Web Journal

offers every user a browser-based view of his own UMS messages

ixi-UMS Voice-Mailbox Configuration

Configuration of the "Voice-Mailbox". The options depent of the settings in the ixi-UMS Business Server Configuration



Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or higher

Mozilla Firefox 39 or higher




Normaly the Websites are accessible by using the IP-Adresse of ixi-UMS Business Server.


If estos ProCall is installed the ixi-UMS Websites can be configer as "CustomTab", too (see  below)


If these sides are made available to the users, some settings / options are to be considered:


ixi-UMS Web Jorunal

The user can only see their own entries. Please note the settings to the phone numbers and attributes.


By default only the ixi-UMS Business Reports (with send/not send informations) are stored in the Journal - not the message !

The archiving must be aktivate to stored incomming and outgoing UMS-messages. In this case, note that all ixi-UMS messages from the ixi-UMS Business server are stored locally in the file system.


The user can open the Website via Browser:

http://<IP-Adress of ixi-UMS Business Server:8890/JournalWebView/Login


https://<IP-Adress of ixi-UMS BusinessServer>:443/JournalWebView/Login



ixi-UMS Voice-Mailbox Configuration

The options available to the user must be defined in the ixi-UMS Business Server under "Global User Settings".


The user can open the Website via Browser:

http://<IP-Adress of ixi-UMS Business Server:8890/mobileHomepage/Start


https://<IP-Adress of ixi-UMS Business Server:8890/mobileHomepage/Start


The entire URL is sent in the Welcome-mail with the first phone call to the user


IXI-UMS  Webseiten in estos ProCall

The ixi-UMS Business web pages can be made available to the users as a "Custom of tab. " in the ProCall.


Open the UCServer Administrator.

Open the Profile in menue "User Management - Profiles"




Put down the URL of the desired ixi-UMS Business web page on the configuration.



In conjunction with ProCall 6 Enterprise and shared user management in the Active Directory, logon to the ixi-UMS Business Web pages can be done via "Single-Sign-On".

To be able to use the shared login the UCServer must be entered in the ixi-UMS Business  and the "Trusteworthy Site" must be activated in the Custom tabs.


Version 6