Format Hints and Options

With some of the “Tags“, you can determine how the value is displayed, other representations are definitely defined. Please find a list of the characteristics of the tags in the following:





Entry until version 5.90; the entry - as until now - consists of:

StreetAddress, PostalCode l - physicalDeliveryOfficeName.

From version 5.90 on, the fields to be read out are determined by the entry of the fields in the %PRODUKTNAME% SMTP Connector.






Must be entered with with format specification. Example: <#From FmtString="1">


0: Display name and Address

1: Display name only

2: Address only

3: Everything before the @ of the e-mail address / with IMCEA including the decoding/removal


If no display name is available, the e-mail address is entered as display name instead.

Exception 1: no letters before the @:

-> everything before the @ is used as display name

Exception 2: the address begins with IMCEA

-> everything before the @ is used as display name, IMCEA is decoded/removed


Insert some information about the message attachments, can contain the following parameters:

$(attno)=number of attachments

$(attlist)=comma-separated list of attachments

Example:<#Attachments label="subsequently $(attno) attachment/s: $(attlist)" >


The string can contain specifier to format the message date meeting your needs.


<#Date FmtString="dddd, mmmm d, yyyy  hh:mm">


The tag is replaced by the display text corresponding to message priority.

<#Priority high="URGENT" normal="ASAP" low="FYI">


Inserts the vCard template after replacing the tags in it.

Will only be applied if the message contains a vCard  file.


Mandatory if the text shall be sent out of the mail body.


Version 6