Preparing IBM Domino Server

The SMTP-Listener-Task is used for receiving SMTP e-mails. If you have a default installation, the SMTP-Listener-Task is enabled, since IBM Domino 7.

However, the enabling of the SMTP-Listener-Task must be executed in the context with the installation of the ixi-UMS Business, anyway.


ixi-UMS messages that shall get from the IBM Domino Server to the ixi-UMS Business Server are normally "routed" by a Foreign SMTP Domain

In IBM Domino, further routing configurations are absolutely possible or even necessary in more complex environments.


In order to allow mobile access to users' mailboxes, you have to configure the IMAP4 protocol also.



1.The IMAP protocol is an Internet protocol for IBM Lotus Domino Server. Therefore, Internet passwords are used, if needed.
If have not used Internet passwords so far, you have to set them up now. This password must be informed of the users with it he can deposit it for the access to the Voice-May box. Alternatiev they must deposit it directly in the ixi-UMS user management.
Follow moreover also the article:

2.In order to use ixi-UMS Business IMAP queries, you have to create a fulltext index for mobile enabled mailboxes. Please consider: A fulltext index exhausts hard disk free space on your IBM Lotus Domino Server.


In this manual, the easiest way - from estos's point of view - is demonstrated.


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