Enable Mailbox for IMAP Access

For full functionality of the solution, the IBM Lotus Domino person document must be configured like shown below.


·Mail system to POP or IMAP

·an Internet password must be assigned

·an Internet address must be assigned





·load convert -e <mailbox directory>\<mailboxname>.nsf


the mailboxes are converted and enabled for IMAP. You can find more information about this topic in the IBM Lotus Domino Administrator manual.




·load convert -e mail\stester.nsf

Mailbox with name "stester.nsf" is converted


·load convert -e mail\*.nsf

All mailboxes in directory mail are converted



If you do not use Microsoft Window OS, you have to substitue "\" by "/". (Example: "load convert -e mail/*.nsf" on Unix)


Version 6