Creating Signatures for Fax


Step 1: Create a Message Header for every user


·Create a subdirectory in the covers directory for every user

·Copy the default message header files in every directory

Step 2: Insert the signature

Copy the signature image files to the appropriate message header directory.



The image file can be bmp, gif, jpeg or png


·Insert an img custom link in fax.htm (i.e. the fax cover page). In order to do this, first you have to insert the signature file by using an ordinary HTML img tag. Secondly, edit the HTML source code and make the img tag a custom tag by replacing it with #img.


Step 3: Assign Cover Pages to users

Now you can assign the cover pages to the appropriate users by setting the message header property in your user configuration. The following shows this process for the ixi-UMS Business Exchange Connector:

·Select the user, you want to modify and right click on it

·Select "IXI-Properties" and set the message header.

·Now send a test message via Outlook and the signature will be attached automatically.




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