Driver Management

The driver is installed on the system with the Windows® Installer (msi) package. If the set-up package contains several drivers, you can select which drivers should be installed during the set-up.

Driver instance
The driver can be used to connect one or several phone systems. For this purpose one or several driver instances are registered in Windows® Tapi System.

Register at Tapi System
During the installation, an instance from the selected driver is already registered at the Tapi system. Thereby, you select the necessary data in a Wizard in order to connect the driver with the telephone system.

Configuration of Driver instance
The configuration of the driver instances takes place either over Telephone and Modem option in the Control Panel or over the standard program Advanced Telephone Driver optionthat can be found in the Control Panel or in the Start Menu.

Add further driver instances
If you want to connect the computer with a further telephone system, you must add a further instance of the driver to the Tapi system. This takes place with Help in the standard program Advanced Telephone Driver options that can be found in the Control Panel or in the Start Menu.

To install an Update start the Windows® Installer Package (msi).
If a driver instance is configured, this is deleted during the Update and is automatically added again after the Update is completed. If several driver instances are configured, the computer must be restarted after the Update.

The Deinstallation takes place via the Windows® Software Administration. In the Deinstallation, all instances of the driver are removed from the Tapi system and the software uninstalled.

Version 6