The estos ECSTA for BroadWorks can be installed on all Windows® systems that support Microsoft® TAPI 2.0 or higher. The following systems are supported in 32- as well as in 64-bit versions.

  • Windows® 10
  • Windows Server® 2012
  • Windows Server® 2012 R2
  • Windows Server® 2016
  • Windows Server® 2019

Depending on the interface that is used for BroadWorks platform access, appropriate ports for the communication between ECSTA for BroadWorks and the BroadWorks platform must be provided by your service provider. You can get the information for the access configuration from your service provider.

It is required by default

Interface / connection-type configurable port fixed port
XSI over http 80
XSI over https 443
CTI connection unencrypted 8011 80
CTI connection encrypted 8012 443

First the ecsta tries to resolve a SRV record via a SRV lookup If a corresponding entry is found, it will be used as the destination.

The provider must enter the following records:

_ecsta._tcp / _ecsta._tls for http / https Example:
_ecsta-cti._tcp / _ecsta-cti._tls for the CTI connection unencrypted / encrypted

Example: SRV-Lookup for


Non-authoritative answer:   SRV service location:
          priority = 20
          weight = 20
          port = 443
          svr hostname =   SRV service location:
          priority = 10
          weight = 20
          port = 443
          svr hostname =

If no SRV record is found in the SRV lookup, the URL entered in the configuration is used.

Please note
For the connection of the ECSTA for BroadWorks to the BroadWorks platform via the CTI interface processing of various requests requires a http connection. Reading the lines or the use of the remote office function requires an additional access via http (port 80 or 443 with encrypted connection).

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