General Settings

The connection to the PBX can be established using a TCP/IP link.

The driver may use different licenses. The licenses must be installed in the PBX system.

Please note the following
The availability of licenses in the system is first tested when the Tapi lines are opened. If a line cannot be opened, this can be because no corresponding licenses in the system are available.

  • Tapi 2.0 Server
    These licenses allow you to use zwo lines for each connection. You may add additional instances of the driver with two lines each.
  • Tapi 2.1 Server
    These licenses are used for example by the Alcatel TAPI Service Provider.
  • CSTA Server
    These licenses are the common CSTA licenses.

Connection using a network (TCP/IP)
Enter the host name or IP address of the PBX. The default port for CSTA is 2555.
Please note the following
You can under Advanced Settings specify a login for the system.

Version 6