ECSTA Tapi for Panasonic

estos ECSTA for Panasonic can be used to control and monitor telephone devices attached to a Panasonic PBX system. The driver can be installed in multiple instances. Each driver instance supports the connection to one PBX system.
The connection to the PBX system is established using CSTA Phase III.
The connection may be established using LAN (TCP/IP) only.

Super-Twin Features
The driver supports the Super-Twin feature. A DECT system phone is paired to a desk phone. The driver automatically detects this situation. When making an outbound call using the DECT phone, it cannot automatically dial handsfree. It is required to press the hookswitch on the DECT phone.

The driver can automatically load all currently available devices from the PBX system.

For Installation of the driver see Driver Installation.

For administration and configuration of the driver see Driver Administration.

Version 4.0