estos ECSTA for OpenCom 100 makes available several Telephony Service Providers for Microsoft Tapi 2.1 (also 2.2 and 3.0). These Tapi drivers produce a central communication between a PC (CTI Server) and the telephone system. On this CTI server all devices on the telephone system are available as Tapi lines.

All estos ECSTA for OpenCom 100 drivers use the efficient interface CSTA in order to communicate with the telephone system.

For the installation and management of the driver see Driver Management.

3rd Party CTI

Supported Telephone Systems

Driver PBX
ECSTA for Aastra 800 OpenCom 130
ECSTA for Aastra 800 OpenCom 150
ECSTA for Aastra 800 OpenCom 150rack
ECSTA for Aastra 800 OpenCom X320
ECSTA for Aastra 800 OpenCom X320rack
ECSTA for Aastra 800 OpenCom 510
ECSTA for Aastra 800 OpenCom 800
ECSTA for Aastra 800 Aastra 800

Using the driver in the network
After installing the driver, you may use all configured line devices on the server as TAPI-lines. If you are using a server based CTI Software, you may install it now. To have the TAPI-devices available on all workstations, the TAPI-driver must be distributed in the network. There are the following options:

  1. estos UCServer
    The estos UCServer is a CTI/UCC server software which distributes the telephony information across the network using a graphical client or a multi-line TAPI driver. Workgroups, domains, Active Directory and Terminal Server are supported.
  2. estos CallControlGateway
    The estos CallControlGateway for Lync/OCS is a gateway that connects the TAPI-lines with the Lync/OCS server. This enables the Lync/OCS client to use traditional telephone devices via Remote Call Control (RCC).
  3. Windows Telephony Server
    The Windows Telephony Server is a component of Windows server operating systems since Windows NT. You will need a domain. The service is limited to domain users.

Version 4.0