When setting up the driver, follow these steps:

  1. Check the version of the PBX Firmware
    The Firmware of the MX-ONE must be greater or equal to 5.0 SP5.
  2. Setup the CSTA server in the Aastra MX-ONE
    Open the configuration pages 'Services/CSTA Server'. Configure a CSTA Server and use the following settings:
    Heartbeat OptionHeartbeat support by external application
    By-pass OptionNo by-pass
    Diversion OptionAllow diversion after deflect
    Dialed Number Presentation OptionDo not replace dialed number
    Connection View OptionFixed View
  3. Check network connection
    If the connection is established using TCP/IP, check if you can reach the PBX system (ping hostname)
  4. Driver installation
    See also Settings

Version 4.0