Remote Office

Remote Office allows you to initiate calls from outside of the company using your business phone. The call will be identified using the business phone number, regardless of where you are. Remote Office will be activated from the ProCall client through the line menu in the custom area. Also check the setting in UCServer in the line properties. When activating this feature, enter the number where you will actually be available, the so-called Remote Office Number (such as your cell phone number). Call forwarding will be setup from your business phone to the remote office number. If you place a call, such as through ProCall Mobile, the telephone system will call the specified remote office number. As soon as this connection has been made, the target person will be called.
If the telephone system in use does not natively support the Remote Office feature, an attempt will be made to emulate it. To accomplish this, your business phone will briefly call the specified remote office number in hands-free mode. As soon as the connection has been made, the call will be transferred to the target person. Depending on the telephone system this will be implemented by means of a blind transfer or a callback, which will be immediately transferred.

So that you can use this feature, the telephone system in use must meet the following requirements:

  • Native implementation of remote office (e.g. ECSTA for Broadsoft)
  • Alternatively
    • Set to forward, delete and request calls through the PBX (lineForward)
    • Support for dialing in speaker phone mode and optionally:
      • Starting a conversation and transfer it in the ringing state (lineSetupTransfer with subsequent lineCompleteTransfer(LINETRANSFERMODE_TRANSFER), or
      • Transfer an existing conversation blindly (lineBlindTransfer)
If one of the indicated requirements has not been fulfilled, the telephone system will not be able to depict Remote Office.

Version 6.4