Employee dashboard


The following evaluations are available in the Employee dashboard:

The evaluations of this dashboard are based on the data of employees who are managed within user groups. The user who is logged in on ProCall Analytics is not nessesarily needed to be part of this group. It is sufficient if he/she is the group leader or representative. In addition, the Group setting "Group leader must see the journals of the group" has to be set. Optionally, the right "Each member is allowed to see the journals of the other" can be used. So each group member is given the opportunity to log on to ProCall Analytics and create evaluations of all group members. Otherwise, the group member sees only its own data.

The statistics can be affected by the following filters: Employees, time period or Internal/External/All Calls.

Your administrator can block access to the employee dashboard by enabling the "Allow evaluation only at group / team level" option in the ProCall Analytics administration (estos UCServer tab).

Version 6.2