Create a user session in the UCServer

This function has the same argument as asnNegotiateServerConnection.
A user login session object (ENetCtiConnection) is created in the UCServer and ready for asnLogon.

ArgumentType: AsnCreateUserSessionArgument


AsnCreateUserSessionArgument is an Object

Name Type Optional Comment
negotiate AsnNegotiateServerConnectionArgument

ResultType: AsnCreateUserSessionResult


AsnCreateUserSessionResult is an Object

Name Type Optional Comment
u8sSessionID string SessionID of the created user session. All further invokes for this user session must include this SessionID.

negotiateresult AsnNegotiateServerConnectionResult

ErrorType: AsnCreateUserSessionError


AsnCreateUserSessionError is an Object

Name Type Optional Comment
iErrorDetail number
u8sErrorString string
negotiateerror AsnNegotiateServerConnectionError

Version 6.1