AsnNetDatabaseTask is an Object

Name Type Optional Comment
u8sTaskID string ID of the Taskentry

u8sSubject string Subject of the Task

contactData AsnNetDatabaseContact NetDatabaseContact Information of the Contact to call

u8sCallNumber string Number to call

projectPinRule AsnProjectPinRule Projekt informationen

stUTCStartDate string Starttime of the Task

stUTCDueDate string Deadline for the Task

eState AsnTaskState State of the Task

ePriority AsnTaskPriority Priority of the Task

eDelegationState AsnTaskDelegationState State of the Delegation (if needed)

bReminderActive boolean Reminder will appear if true

stUTCReminderTime string Date and Time for Reminder

u8sReminderFile string Soundfilename for Reminder

u8sListOwners UTF8StringList Name(s) of responsible Contact(s)

u8sCreator string Creator of the Task

stUTCCreationTime string Creation Timestamp of the Task

u8sBody string Bodytext of the Task

stUTCDateCompleted string Timestamp for State "Done"

u8sCompletedFrom string Contact who finished the Task

ePrivacy AsnTaskPrivacy Privacy Level of the Task

optionalParams AsnOptionalParameters yes

Version 6.1