Event that contains the results of asnMgmtGetPushServiceDevices

This event contains the data requested by asnMgmtGetPushServiceDevices.
This event is fired multiple times, until bLastSegment is TRUE.
The u8sCrossRefID matches the u8sCrossRefID from the asnMgmtGetPushServiceDevicesResult

ArgumentType: AsnMgmtPushServiceDevicesResultArgument


AsnMgmtPushServiceDevicesResultArgument is an Object

Name Type Optional Comment
listPushDevices AsnMgmtPushServiceDevicePropsList List of Devices (max 50 in one segment)

u8sCrossRefID string CrossrefID from AsnMgmtGetPushServiceDevicesResult.

bLastSegment boolean last Segment for this u8sCrossRefID, TRUE, wenn dieses Segment das Ende der Liste ist.

Version 6.1