Pickup a ringing call from another line on an own line.

Getting an ringing call from another line to an own line execute this operation.

Picking up calls requires an appropriate configuration (rights) on the PBX.
Thus it is recommended to use asnCtiRedirectCall if you are not aware if the configuration has been set properly.
Picking a call leads to a connected call on the extension picking the call while redirecting leads to an offering call on the new extension.

ArgumentType: AsnCtiPickupCallArgument

AsnCtiPickupCallArgument is an Object

Name Type Optional Comment
u8sContactID string ContactID of the contact to pickup a call from his line. Leave it empty if you just want to pickup a call by its identifier.

u8sConnectionID string Connection identifier of the call to redirect.

u8sPhoneNumber string The line number to pickup to. This number can be in short or long format if you set iNumberFormat to 1.

iNumberFormat number The u8sPhoneNumber is the number to pickup to and normally the server would reformat the number into a dialable form. This behavior can be altered:

  • 0: Server should not format the number for pickup, it shall use it like it is.
  • Other values: Server should format the number (set prefix and area code etc.).
    Hint: If you are not sure, the number should always be formatted (-> use '1')
(Linked Type: AsnETAPIDialNumberFormat)
optionalParams AsnOptionalParameters yes

ResultType: AsnCtiPickupCallResult

AsnCtiPickupCallResult is an Object

Name Type Optional Comment
bSuccess boolean true/1 if the call was picked, false/0 otherwise.

optionalParams AsnOptionalParameters yes

ErrorType: AsnRequestError

AsnRequestError is an Object

Name Type Optional Comment
iErrorDetail number
u8sErrorString string
optionalParams AsnOptionalParameters yes

Version 6.1