*** asnAVMedia to inform server about media changes in ****--
*** existing call (currently to enable journalling of ****--
*** media switching) ****--

  • Connect/accept an AV Connection and drops forked users *--

AsnAVMediaChangeArgument is an Object

Name Type Optional Comment
u8sCallID string
endpointIDTo string ID des Message Empfaengers, hier des Peers (MediaChange messages werden im server terminiert)

connectedEndPointID string ID des Message Sendenden

iMediaType number Media this message relates to: EAV_CALLTYPE_JSEP_AV, -_A, -_D, -_DR

u8sUriFrom string Uri des Message Sendenden

u8sUriTo string Uri des Message Empfaengers

u8sContentType string derzeit L"application/xx"

u8sBody string Session Description Protocol Daten (SDP Answer)

u8sMediaID string ID of the different Media Requests is used as the Connection ID

iAvFlags number in the journal -> generated by the client when a new media is added
Note: Tracker Id of the original call is as well the Connection ID
Media related flags, currently only IS_ORIGINATOR 0x0001L

iAvDropReason number EAVCause::dropCause

Version 6.1