Send list of appointments of a user to the server

**************** appointmentSetList *********************

Send a complete list of appointments to the server. This will replace the whole list currently on the server.
Currently the clients should only send a timeframe of the next 30 days to the server for save resource consumption.

  • Anyonymous access: no
  • Admin access for other users: yes (e.g. EWS Calendar Replicator)
  • User access for other users: no (server will ignore given u8sOwner)
  • User access: yes (u8sOwner not neccessary)

ArgumentType: AsnAppointmentSetEntryListArgument

AsnAppointmentSetEntryListArgument is an Object

Name Type Optional Comment
u8sOwner string Username of the user (NOT the identity/sip address). The server will use the logged in user's name. The parameter is only used, if a user with admin rights will set appontointments for other users (e.g. EWS Calendar Replicator).

u8sDataSource string A String to indicate the source of the appointments. Following strings are used by now

  • MAPI - MAPI Connector to Microsoft Outlook
  • EWS - EWS Calendar Replicator to a Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Exchange Web Services - UCClient EWS Connector
  • Windows Contacts - Appointment data from the Windows 10 "Calendar"
  • Google - Google GSUITE (or other Google online Calendar)
  • TOBIT - (depricated) Tobit David
    Name of the Source Database (e.g. MAPI, NOTES, TOBIT etc.)
appointments SEQAppointmentList
optionalParams AsnOptionalParameters yes

ResultType: AsnAppointmentSetEntryListResult

AsnAppointmentSetEntryListResult is an Object

Name Type Optional Comment
iResult number Result of the operation.
0: no error, the list was saved successful
other values: an error occured in the businesslogic [TBD: more details]

optionalParams AsnOptionalParameters yes

ErrorType: AsnRequestError

AsnRequestError is an Object

Name Type Optional Comment
iErrorDetail number
u8sErrorString string
optionalParams AsnOptionalParameters yes

Version 6.1