SIP Softphone Lines

This chapter describes how to add and configure SIP softphone lines. The line can be used by the ProCall client to make phone calls via a SIP PBX by assigning the line number to a user.

Add and configure new lines

Click the Add Telephone System button on the Lines dialog and choose the desired system from the list of known telephone systems. If the desired telephone system is not listed, select Other providers. Clicking the Add button will open a SIP wizard that will provide guidance for configuration. If an existing line should be changed, the corresponding line or group of lines can be adjusted by right clicking and selecting Properties from the context menu.



  • User name(s)
    Enter the user name for logging onto the SIP-Registrar. The user name will correspond to the phone number for the SIP softphone line. If multiple phone numbers that have the same password should be registered with the PBX, multiple phone numbers can also be defined (such as 123 or 100-120 or also 150;177;200-220).
    If multiple phone numbers should be registered with the PBX that do not have the same password, activate the Configure Additional Softphones option. Doing so will list all registrations from that group of lines. The registrations can be changed, deleted or others added.
  • Password
    Enter the password for SIP authentication, if present.

Line group

  • Name of the Line Group
    Choose a unique name as desired for the group of lines. If multiple telephone systems should be integrated into UCServer, a name that identifies the telephone system used will be helpful.

Activation of the SIP Softphone Lines

Once the SIP softphone line appears as a line in the group(s) of lines, the line can be activated by checking the left checkbox and clicking the Accept button at the top. A colorful icon symbolizes the line status or the success of the SIP registration with the telephone system. Green indicates successful registration. A mouse tooltip will provide additional indicators about the current status (such as Line is functional). To see the SIP notifications, the corresponding line can be right-clicked and Display SIP Events selected from the context menu to inspect them more precisely and track the SIP notifications in an event window. To reset the line (send a new SIP registration message), right-click on the corresponding line and re-start by selecting Reset Line on the context menu.

Once registration is successful (the icon is green), the line can be assigned to a User (see User Administration - Users). Right-clicking on the corresponding user and selecting Properties from the context menu will display the Telephone Numbers tab page where the line can be selected from the Business entry or the First Telephone entry using the button on the right. Alternatively, the number that corresponds to the line number can be entered manually.

Version 6.0