Online services

Setting up the online services enables you to use the estos UCConnect Hybrid Cloud modules, e. g. to facilitate the setup of ProCall Mobile or the Web applications (Kontaktportal and Multimediale Visitenkarte). In this case, online service means that the corresponding clients are not located in the local network, but instead connect to UCServer via the Internet, e. g. from the home office. Mobile use of these applications therefore requires access to UCServer from the Internet as well as STUN and TURN servers for audio and video chat.

Using UCConnect
UCConnect is our cloud solution that provides secure mobile access to the UCServer, including STUN and TURN servers for transmitting the audio/video stream. This makes it much easier to use our applications over the Internet, because there is no need to configure the web service and set up separate STUN and TURN servers.

UCConnect Services
The Mobility Services enable users of estos UCServer to use client applications externally, e. g. ProCall Mobile for smartphones.

The Web Communication Services ensure the accessibility of Multimediale Visitenkarte and Kontaktportal from the Internet without the need to set up a web infrastructure.

Register Now
To use UCConnect, you need to create a UCConnect account and post the required services.

Start test mode
UCConnect can also be used without obligation for a test period of 45 days.

Using the Customer’s Own Server
If you do not want to use estos UCConnect to publish UCServer to the Internet, you can configure your own server here. For more information on this topic, please refer to our Best Practice Manual.

Version 6.0